deroso Solutions develops and implements IT strategies which are based on superordinate business objectives as well as ensuring the ability to react quickly to future technological and financial changes.

We create synergies between IT and business processes in line with market requirements in order to guarantee that the IT will contribute to the company’s success. The issue of security is accorded the highest level of importance: smooth IT operations around the clock require impeccable protection from hacking and physical threats.

To enable our customers to identify the megatrends and IT innovations of the future and adapt in good time, we work with foresight experts from the FGND-Group to develop market-relevant scenarios and recommendations for action in the IT world.

Business Process Management
Unstructured and non-transparent business processes are the most dangerous “efficiency killer” in many companies. The team at deroso Solutions supply BPM strategies to enable a TCO-focus to business processes and IT and ensure that companies significantly improve the transparency, timing, quality and flexibility of their processes. We increase the efficiency and effectiveness of various work processes using a broad range of methods: the portfolio includes in-time project drafting, company portals and connectors for ERPs, CRMs and email systems as well as the definition and measurement of KPIs. With the aid of deroso Solutions, processes across the value chain function in a faster, more structured and more transparent manner. We require every IT solution to promote innovation and demonstrate a clear ROI.
The design of the compliance management process is directly related to the value of the company. The advice and corresponding IT tools provided by deroso Solutions ensure that companies follow internal procedures or external legal specifications correctly at all times. The advice supplied by the deroso team incorporates all aspects of a modern compliance management system. We take account of all the relevant guidelines such as HIPAA, NYS Technology Law §208 and SEC. We are also well versed in hardware regulations relating to the protection and availability of servers and international data protection specifications relating to information security. We ensure that the organisation and business processes of our customers always correspond to national and international regulations. We are also quick off the mark to identify risks which could bring lawsuits, fines and profit skimming. As a premium partner of tecmasters, we also develop special compliance scenarios such as for saving bank and company details in accordance with the German Principles of Data Access and the Auditability of Digital Records and special secure DMS systems.
Managing governance processes means managing the change and growth of a company. deroso Solutions orchestrates the entire performance of company-wide governance structures. With our IT service frameworks based on ITIL, CObIT and ISO 20000 certification, we ensure that every governance process has minimal risks and makes the optimal contribution to creating value. Together with the customer, our governance experts develop strategies and regulations, define responsibilities and ensure a target-oriented monitoring of results. Based on requirements-oriented further training concepts, we are able to keep our customers’ governance expertise up-to-date. We offer this transfer of expertise for all governance managers from CIP to compliance, legal and risk specialists and the Executive Board.
Enterprise Architecture
Flexible and sustainable Enterprise Architectures (EA) are essential to stable value creation processes. The team at deroso Solutions develops and establishes EA structures that make business processes more transparent and identify cost reduction potential. As part of our EA strategies, we take account of all aspects of IT risk management and data security. We also have special consultancy expertise available when it comes to communicating personal data between specialist departments and the works council. For our customers, this means maximum transparency in terms of sensitive compliance and governance processes. We offer EA which are tailored to the current requirements and future development scenarios of the market and offer our customers a clear competitive advantage.