We provide the highest level of entrepreneurial flexibility by supplying adaptive software solutions. For example, we visualise business processes across the entire value chain using BPM software solutions and automate or ensure a smooth-running web presence for all end devices using a responsive web design. In this way, we support our customers with information management across new phases of development and prepare them for future changes in IT and the market.

Our success is proven by regular IT and industry awards such as the Microsoft Partner Labels. Our team has particular expertise in MS SharePoint as well as implementing platform-independent web/mobile applications and developing standard programmes into tailor-made programmes to meet specific company requirements.

In association with other companies of the FGND-Group, we ensure that maximum IT flexibility is achieved even beyond software development.

IT innovations like cloud services or mobile devices can ensure a more efficient use of data in the everyday business world. deroso Solutions provides SharePoint as a basic framework for companies in all sectors in order to quickly translate these developments into concrete IT applications and secure optimal networking of information sources. Our SharePoint experts considerably improve the organisation and communications in the company, for example using effective workflows and improved use of data resources. We also utilise company social networks and the latest SharePoint functionalities such as eDiscovery or Business Connectivity Services to link the computing systems with the Office world. The deroso team integrates existing interfaces and standard applications such as SAP into SharePoint solutions. If required, we can also undertake the secure integration of Cloud services on every PC and all mobile devices.
IT solutions are successful when they network competences properly. deroso Solutions creates individual IT applications which meet the requirements of IT decision-makers, administrators and employees and which are easy to operate and improve overall work processes. We develop desktop and web applications with precise tailoring to the customer’s business: platform-independent for the web and focusing on Windows/Microsoft.NET technology for the desktop. Thanks to our long-standing expertise in developing Windows, web and mobile services as well as SOM and BPM middleware, our employees show how mobile or Windows 8 apps can be used to solve industry-specific issues in IT. Cloud applications also form part of the deroso portfolio and are integrated via Windows Azure, Office 365 or other Cloud computing platforms.
Software should reduce complexity instead of creating new complexities. The team at deroso Solutions have expanded the traditional uses of standard software to include individually programmed industry functions. We analyse the business processes and targets of our customers and identify weaknesses and areas for improvement as starting points for suitable software adaptations. All of the developments are targeted specifically at the concrete user requirements. This enables us to reduce any unnecessary work expenditure and costs within a short space of time. Our team of experts configure company software in accordance with the existing IT infrastructure and policies as well as taking account of corporate design specifications and improving integration between various applications. Of course, we always meet the highest levels of security.
Web / Mobile
A website should be accessible on any end device at any time these days. deroso Solutions provides forward-thinking web design in visual and technology teams to equip companies of all sizes and in all industries with a contemporary web presence. The web developers at deroso use .NET, PHP on the Windows server or the Windows Azure platform for all back-end developments. In terms of front-end developments, we undertake platform-independent programming using HTML 5 and JavaScript standards. We also use responsive designs to ensure optimal display on smartphones, tablets and all other mobile end devices. In addition, we devise apps based on our customers’ business specifications.